Life of the Ocean Shore Railroad (2)

longbridge.jpg (Photo: “Longbridge” at Tunitas Creek, courtesy Redwood City Main Library)

Cont’d from SF Call, Oct 17, 1908

“Contractors started to work yesterday on the bluffs between San Gregorio creek and Long Bridge [Tunitas Creek]. Several hundred men and teams are at work grading the right-of-way between these two points, and it is expected that this part of the route will be completed in about 90 days.

“Contractors are also preparing to grade the right-of-way between Pescadero and San Gregorio. Work will be rushed as rapidly as possible to open the line to Santa Cruz in time for next summer’s business.

“The earnings of the Ocean Shore are increasing monthly, and as soon as the rod is open to Long Bridge, a large increase will come from the fact that it will be more advantageous for shippers between San Gregorio and Pescadero to ship by railroad than over the mountains to Redwood City by team.

“The following statement of earnings during the past nine months shows a healthy state of business and indicates large profits for this railroad as soon as it is open to Santa Cruz and Watsonville. In March the road ran only to Pedro Valley, and since June to Granada.

“The earnings are as follows: January, $4,406.62; February, $5,325,33; March, $8,904.47; April, $8,392.32; May, $12,373.27; June, $12, 621.46; July, $18,558.76; August, $19625.35;Sept, $21,066.23.

…to be continued…