Life Of The Ocean Shore Railroad (4)


From the San Francisco Call, December 7, 1912

“It is regrettable that the railroad commission found it advisable to permit the Ocean Shore railroad to discontinue the operation of a northbound train reaching San Francisco at 8:40 a.m. Morning communication is still maintained between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco, but at an early and inconvenient hour. Property owners who invested in homes along that railroad did so with the towns along the Ocean Shore would be actually suburban to San Francisco. The curtailed service will work serious hardship upon them during the winter months.

“Some day the Ocean Shore railroad will be a successful road. Natural conditions, the fertile land through which it passes, the scenic attractions of its route along the Pacific, the rapid transportation it will furnish, when completed, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz and the potential freight along its tracks and proposed route insure a remunerative traffic. But now it is in a bad way.

“Ultimately this road will be taken over by a bigger system, completed and made tributary to a continental line. California has room for the construction of new roads. The proposed line from Watsonville into the San Joaquin valley might make beneficial connnection with the Ocean Shore; the railroads now with San Francisco terminals might incorporate the Ocean Shore into their systems. The Ocean Shore has a future, but it deserves to have a present.”