Joe “The Bartender’s” Flying Experience By Fayden (4)


We were going to move the 55- foot ferro hull down to Princeton so
Chuck and I had to remove the deck; we also removed the five steps leading into the backyard, and it was in this direction that Joe “the Bartenderâ€? was heading.

Parrrummmp. We heard him hit the ground, then silence for ten seconds until we heard another parrrummmp and an “owwww.â€? This was Joe who had stood up and walked face first into the hull of the boat. Yep, ten secons later the parrrrummmp and “owwwww,â€? he had bumped into th boat again.

It was pitch dark out there and we were laughing and at the same time trying to find a flashlight. This was not an easy task as the cans of beer were almost gone and so was the Wild Turkey.

We didn’t hear anymore “parrrummmps” so we figured he was sitting down somewhere, until we found him. We were mistaken.

…to be continued…