1960s: “Hikers Scoff At Law While Climbing Steep Cliffs In Devil’s Slide Area”(3)

“Hikers Scoff At Law While Climbing Steep Cliffs in Devil’s Slide Area”
By Ed Bauer, Half Moon Bay Review, circa 1965

“The late Prof. Dan Reichel of the College of San Mateo often recommended that geology students study the Devil’s Slide area although he never advocated cliff-climbing. Reichel, a graduate of the Hearst School of Mines at the University of California, declared that Devil’s Slide was a result of the ‘block fault action.’

“In spite of the county ordinance against trespassing on the dangerous cliffs, the thrill-seekers still can be seen picking their ways on the narrow trails and slippery rocks.

“Even today, the gravel from the cliffside falls on the highway between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. In 1962, a 15-ton boulder blocked traffic. The road has been closed from time to time for repairs.

“The proposed new highway [ed. this is circa 1960s] route will bypass Devil’s Slide. It will go over the top of Pedro Mountain, acording to Alan Hart, district highway engineer.”