1960s: “Hikers Scoff At Law While Climbing Steep Cliffs In Devil’s Slide Area”(1)


“Hikers Scoff At Law While Climbing Steep Cliffs in Devil’s Slide Area”
By Ed Bauer, Half Moon Bay Review, circa 1965

“Despite many warning signs, hikers and would-be cliff climbers can be seen attempting to scale parts of Devil’s Slide on most any weekend.

“More than 13 persons have died in one way or another at the treacherous cliff area located just north of Montara. The county board of supervisors, after receiving complaints, ordered that warning signs be posted.

“The warning signs are chopped down almost as fast as they can be replaced. It is believed that the ‘night party’ crowds hack down the wooden signs for firewood.

“Tourists and newcomers to the area are struck with the rugged beauty of the ocean and cliff area. They often stop to obtain a better view and fail to notice the ‘No Parking Except In An Emergency’ signs that have been posted in the area.

“There are small trails leading to the steep cliffs and there are remains of an old railroad roadbed in the Devil’s Slide area. The would-be-cliff-climbers say that it is a thrill to walk on the steep cliff and peer down on the swirling breakers hundreds of feet below.”

…to be continued…