Analysis:Virginia Tech Massacre

No one knew what shooter Cho Seung-Hui was doing during the two hours in between the two shootings (the first in a dorm, the second in classrooms) at Virginia Tech. Cops couldn’t find him.

Now we know how Cho spent the two hours between the two shootings–mailing photographs, videos and a manifesto, to NBC News in New York. This tells me that this crazy guy was on a mission–he was programmed for his mission. He was methodical, he gave no thought to anything but the mission upon which he focussed all of his energy.

He had powerful tunnel vision.

Witnesses say that Cho was strange–he wore sunglasses in classes, he hid his face, he made no eye contact; other students felt so uncomfortable around him in classes that they wanted him kicked out.

But aren’t the sunglasses, the unusual clothing and the anti-personality a key to who Cho Seung-Hui thought he was–and that was a “star.” By “star”, I mean he clearly, strongly, didn’t believe he was like anyone else and he let everyone know it. He knew he was going to do something shocking and he wanted everyone to remember him.

He was on a mission.