I Hear From Jim Rafferty


Jim Rafferty surfed and worked on the Coastside in the 1970s. He was from Woodside and went to school there but Half Moon Bay was a frequent destination. Later he moved here working in construction and for awhile he owned an antique business in an old home on Highway 1–and he grabbed every opportunity to enjoy the waves. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Jim–he now lives in Astoria, Oregon (where he is an RN).

“We recently got back from a month in India,” he emailed me, “where [my partner] Gail’s daughter, an exchange student there from Swarthmore was studying classical Indian music and theatre. I surfed my way up the west coast of Southern India. Even though there can be good surf there and the beaches are beautiful surfing is almost unheard of. I am also involved in our Blues festival up here \â€?Blues by the Sea\â€? I am involved with musicians in Portland and Seattle.”