Daylight Saving Time, Part V

Most of the special interests lined up against Daylight Saving Time (DST) were Arthur Samish’s clients–and they were not disappointed with his results. As the aftermath of the 1930 election, the hands on the clocks remained unchanged.

Samish was able to defeat DST every time it cropped up until Sunday, February 8, 1942–when “War Time” took effect.

The time change was the first since 1918 during World War I when the additional hour of light demonstrated that scarce electricity, coal and oil could be saved.

Several months had passed since the Japanese surprise strike on Pearl Harborn. There was genuine fear of a possible attack on San Mateo County, especially the Coastside where dark window coverings smothered any escaping light that could guide the enemy.

Although “war time” officially ended on September 30, 1945, DST was allowed to lapse into a local affair, with optional applications causing great confusion.

…To Be Continued…