The Inez Burns Story, Part XIV

Edmund G. “Pat” Brown–a future two-term California governor–moved into the office of former San Francisco D.A. Matthew Brady, whose 24-year career paralleled the success of Inez Burns.

She “considered Brady a fine fellow,” remembers Pacifica resident Caroline Carlisle, Inez Burns’ granddaughter. To others, the rise of “Pat” Brown, a Republican-turned-Democrat, signaled the end of an era and he would prove to be no friend to Inez Burns.

Perhaps Inez should have been more wary, but she continued her old routine.

It was business as usual: Rising at dawn, Inez Burns stepped into the all-glass shower stall, enjoying a hot water massage from the multiple spigots.

She brushed her teeth in one immaculately clean sink, rinsing her hands in yet another basin. Toweling off, Inez put on lingerie adorned with a “lacy lover’s knot” and a crisp white nurse’s uniform. Leaving her beloved pair of jewel-collared Pomeranians, Foxy and Theda Bara at home, Inez was driven to work at her three-story Fillmore Street flat by her husband, Mission Street politician Joe F. Burns.

Joe was Inez’s fourth husband but their relationship was a solid one although every now and then he would pack up his clothes and leave for two weeks at a time.

…To Be Continued…