The Inez Burns Story, Part XIII


But the political hierarchy she had relied on for three decades was changing. Still, the saavy abortionist believed she could survive even in the new environment.

Inez Burns recalled that in the past when she had faced trouble, she found many important people who could be “bought.”

Seven years earlier, police arrested Inez for performing an illegal abortion without a medical license, a charge dismissed in court when witnesses refused to testify against her.

As a result of that case, the IRS became interested in her, imposing a heavy penalty on her federal income tax return, but mostly Burns practiced her craft without interference from the authorities.

Initially Inez didn’t expect any differences from the changed political climate, including the selection of a new grand jury. The gravest threat to her well being was the emergence of 39-year-old Edmund G. “Pat” Brown in the San Francisco district attorney’s office.

…To Be Continued…