The Inez Burns Story, Part XII

Clutching a package containing colorful dime store notebooks, Inez Burns rushed out of her San Francisco Fillmore Street flat on September 26, 1945. The time was 9:30 a.m.

Walking briskly to keep up with his wife was ex-San Francisco Assemblyman Joe Burns.

The pair headed for a nearby garage where Burns’ shiny black limousine was parked. They hurriedly slammed the doors of the automobile and almost ran down the attendant as they sped away.

Moments later, police and officials from the district attorney’s office arrivied to “knock the place over” but were disappointed to find the premises quiet with no one to arrest.

Known for her excellent reputation as an efficient and safe abortionist, Inez had become a San Francisco institution by 1945.

When shopping at Ransohoffs, the Emporium and other fine San Francisco stores, the saleswomen rushed to her side. She was often recognized on the street and the famous San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen often greeted her warmly at Gallaghers, the popular 5th and Mission Street bar.

…To Be Continued…