The Inez Burns Story, Part XI


Between Prohibition and World War II, Inez L. Burns earned millions of dollars as the “queen of abortionists.”

During her amazing career, Burns’ clients ranged from housewives to Hollywood movie stars.

Her San Francisco facilities were antiseptic and she was said to be a “perfect abortionist” (with no fatalities). She also practiced her illegal activities with little interference from the authorities.

Burns, who resided on Guerrero Street in San Francisco, wisely invested her illicit funds in real estate, including a lovely Spanish-style home in Atherton and a 1,000-acre horse ranch located in the magical redwoods of La Honda. At both homes, she installed family members as “caretakers.”

She began to face tough times in the mid-1940s as the lawlessness that grew out of Prohibition ended, blunting her 30-year streak of good, trouble-free luck.

But after receiving a telephone tip advising her that police were about to raid her San Francisco abortion mill, the 59-year-old Burns set her emergency plan into action.

…To Be Continued….