The Inez Burns Story, Part X


As they drove through the magical redwood forest on the narrow road, Joe Burns often blurted out, “Oh, heck, let’s take a chance,” before negotiating a hairpin turn without knowing for certain if another car was coming in their direction–an action Caroline Carlisle attributes to his gambling nature.

After stoppping at Apple Jack’s, a bar and local hot spot, “We drove and drove and finally across the road from the “Log Cabin School for Boys” was grandmother’s ranch, the farmhouse, stables and the barns,” remembers Caroline.

Residing at the working ranch was Joe Burns’ brother, his wife and children, including a future mayor of Half Moon Bay.

The ranch hands knew the boss lady had high expectations and they were prepared for her ritual inspection. But the surprise trips to the La Honda ranch and the Atherton house were soon to end.

…To Be Continued…