Jim McLennan (A Founder of the HMB Drag Strip) Passes

prudhomme.jpg(Photo: Don Prudhomme with Half Moon Bay Drag Strip “Theme Girl” Tammy Thomas)

Mark Andemahr from the HMB Bakery on Main Street in Half Moon Bay emails “that Jim McLennan passed away last Friday.” Mr. McLennan helped to found the HMB Drag Strip where souped-up vehicles of all shapes and sizes competed for glory measured in seconds. It was more than that, though: McLennan gave young kids the opportunity to work on cars and learn how they work– which gave them confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. Plus there was the thrill of winning a race and learning to lose gracefully.

As the race track’s reputation spread, it became a showplace for world-class professionals like Don Garlits and Don Prudhomme–role models kids could admire and look up to.

If you’ve been to Mark’s HMB Bakery, you know he is the Coastside’s ultimate fan of the popular drag strip that used to draw fans from all over to its location at the present day HMB Airport. Besides delicious cookies, cakes and breads, the walls of the bakery are covered with historic photographs of the Half Moon Bay Drag Strip and its heroes.

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