Conversations: I Hear From LARRY KAPLAN (Lincoln H.S. Alum) Part I

Some posts back, I shared this artwork with you:


And one day I received a big surprise in the email box:


I just happened upon the “What happened to Kaplan Surfboards” gizmo, and it blew my mind. Where, oh where, did you acquire my sketches for logos?

I graduated from San Jose State Univ. in 1969. You probably know I went to Lincoln H.S. I am three hundred years old now, and have played with the water my entire professional career…for money!

You sketched the logos in my notebook…probably at El Granada Beach (near where I still live with my husband). What are you doing now? Tell me what you mean about playing with the water professionally.

Do you remember me?


First things first:
YES. I do remember you. Only an idiot would not. Please feel free to read that to your husband…at least twice. Four times would be better…

Water and Professional. There’s the long story and there’s the short story. The short story is that I owned a yacht restoration company in San Diego for twenty years…yachts are just big surfboards, and I love the water.

I REALLY love the water. I pioneered some really important stuff on yachts in those days. I’ve delivered yachts all over the Pacific Coast and from Hawaii to California, etc., etc.

I am a silly and humorous person. If you re-read this e mail, you will hear laughter in the background. Listen with care…

I designed a very silly, and funny line of artwork and it sells all over the world. It’s made of fiberglass. It’s about Ducks. It’s called, “Art Ducko”, the height of ceiling art.

I continue to do custom fiberglass work and repair on boats and yachts…Yachts are boats that are for purposes of pleasure only and boats can be used for work etc., etc., etc.

I know yachts the way some people know cars.

Do you remember my twin sister, Barbara? BKaplan.jpg She’s a big deal at Stanford.

I have two English Cocker Spaniels and two Thoroughbred horses. One of the horses is Seattle Slew’s grandson.

How nice to know you are there…

…Conversation To Be Continued….