Charlie Nye, Jr.: RIP —Father was a Moss Beach Pioneer/Known For Legendary Clam Chowder

Charlie Nye: We loved you dearly for being exactly who you were…terribly eccentric and a genial host.. who always made the unexpected guests who knocked on his door (often out of sheer curiosity) feel welcome at “The Reefs.”

Jenna Kinghorn, editor of “Between the Tides,”–the Friends of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve newletter me that Charlie Nye of Moss Beach (and “The Reefs” fame) has passed. Look for an obit in the March edition (online or via mail) of “Between the Tides.”

Charlie Nye, Jr. sitting amid the clutter of “The Reefs II” in 1980. The “Reefs II” was built on the cliffs overlooking the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve after the original Reefs built on the beach itself was destoryed in a by June

Posing outside “The Reefs II” charlie.jpg

reefsbeach.jpgPhoto: A day at the beach– with “The Reefs” in the background. The building was destroyed by big waves during a storm more than 70 years ago.

Inside “The Reefs”: insidereefs.jpg

reefs.jpg The Reefs was built on the sands of the present day Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

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