“Skyline” in the 1960s: Part X


But the turning point had not yet come.

“The motorcyclists started coming,” John Wickett told me, laughing, “because we had all this land. On some days we had 2,000 motorcylcists running around the property.”

When the Pacific Coast Trial Championships took place there one year, a couple of thousand spectators turned up. “Cars were parked, oh, everywhere,” Wickett said. And they left deep marks, “eroding the land, making gullies and trenches. The meadows were criss-crossed with ruts and the grass wasn’t growing properly.”

Wickett told me that “in an attempt to be funny, I nailed up a sign that read: ‘No Trespassing. Gun Patrol. Survivors Will Be Prosecuted At Full Extent Of The Law’.”

…To Be Continued…