1912: The Coastside’s Building Boom (Part I)


When Coastside construction exploded in 1912, some locals claimed that it was a fortuitous marriage between land developers and much improved railroad service. That, they said, accounted for the fresh burst of activity.

After a long, dry spell, new schools and hotels (with a nod toward Spanish-style architecture) began to dot the landscape. Publicists declared the Coastside of the future “as a desirable place for outings and residence”, a beautiful place to live and play.

San Francisco real estate companies glanced hungrily in the Coastside’s direction. Frank Brophy’s Princeton-by-the-Sea resort, Harr Wagner’s Montara Realty Development Co., the Marine View Beach Hotel and Amusement Co., and the partnership of Stine and Kendrick–all were created during the boom.

Charles Kendrick was a developer with a successful track record. Although he had also earned a law degree, he never practiced. Instead, in 1903, at the start of what would be a long, distinguished business career, he opened a real estate office in Petaluma, specializing in subdivisions.

…To Be Continued…