1918 Historic HMB Election: Justice Of The Peace John Pitcher Was A Shoo-In, Part I

Pitcher.jpg (Photo: Judge John Pitcher)

Reds.jpg (Photo: E.E. “Red'” Kerrick’s cafe stood on the right side of Main Street.)

“Are you crazy?” E.E. “Red” Kerrick’s friends asked him. “Nobody runs against ‘Old Man Pitcher'”.

It took heaps of optimism–great courage and fortitude–to challenge Half Moon Bay’s John Pitcher for the office of Justice of the Peace in the November 1918 election.

Not only had the sacrosanct “Old Man Pitcher” been the incumbent for an unterrupted reign of 39 years–but he possessed an unparalled youthfulness at age 92 and other extraordinary qualities that the voters found irresistable.

Despite the overwhelming odds, “Red” Kerrick, the 30-something father of seven children, threw his hat into the ring.