Favorite Commercials

I love these tv commercials, maybe you do, too. One of the reasons is the very cool music that accompanies

1. The Caveman Geico ad, the one where he’s on the moving “sidewalk” at the airport. Song is “Remind Me”, Royksopp

2. Horizon, “Watch me work, work, work…” There aren’t many words in this song but the words that give context have been edited out and those words are something like “Come to my bedroom. Watch me work, work….” “Sexy Results” Death From Above 1979 (MSTRKRFT Edition)

3. Sizzling Hot Cadillac commercial, “Punkrocker” featuring Iggy Pop, Teddybears, Soft Machine.

All at iTunes.

Let’s face it: Today’s American art can’t be appreciated in museums. It’s on tv, it’s the commercials, that’s where the state of American art is. And the music revolution has added a new dimension to them.