The Memories of Ralph Feusier, Part III

LockeBro.jpg Photos: When they were young L-R: Josiah, David and Silas Locke. The Josiah Locke family lived in a home on Purissima Canyon Road–known as the Locke/Nelson Ranch. And [below] when they were old.Lockesjepg.jpg

Originally from New Hampshire, [Ralph Feusier’s Uncle] Horace Nelson was in his 20s when he traveled to San Francisco in the 1870s. He worked at the John Ray Dairy for five years and somewhere along the way met flour mill Superintendent Josiah Locke.

This encounter changed Horace’s life. He met and fell in love with [Ralph Feusier’s Great Aunt] Flo, Josiah’s daughter and the couple were married at the Locke’s Grove Street, San Francisco home in 1883.

The newspaper listed the many guests–including Flo’s sister, Emily, and brother, also called Horace–as well as the Farnsworths, their Purissima canyon neighbors. Also present were Uncles Silas and David.

….To Be Continued…