Please Help Elizabeth Wolffe Find A Job On The Coastside

Dear June,

I happened upon your site as I was looking for employment on the Coastside. My name is Elizabeth Wolffe and I currently live in Foster City. I lived with my former husband , my daughter and two HUGE dogs in Moss Beach for eight years before moving to FC. Since the move we have adopted our amazing and wonderful son, my awesome daughter has gone off to college (Univ.of Washington, because the weather reminds her of HMB), I have gotten divorced (thus the ‘former’ status of husband /wasband!) and I am planning to move back to the Coast I am also looking for employment opportunties on the Coast. I know you don’t ‘do this’ but was wondering if you know of any job openings on the Coast? I have been in the Human resources field for over 20 years…but I am willing to explore other horizons to live and work on the Coast. I appreciate your sincere consideration and most importantly I have loved reading your wonderful stories about the Coast and its inhabitants! Thank you and all the best. Warmly, Elizbeth Wolffe

Email: [email protected]