Back To New York: The Frick, My Favorite [Private] Museum

The Frick


They have the original Vermeer “Mistress and Maid” [1665-70] –seen here. When you see this painting in person, you’ll see the maid she’s having a “conversation” with, and you’ll wonder what they could be talking about. It could be anything–you make it up.
They’ve got Rembrandts & Gainsboroughs & Turners & Whistlers & Titians & on & on, all in Mr. Frick’s historical home. Imagine how he lived while walking through his historical home.. Guaranteed to blow you awayPhoto: The Frick’s garden: DSCN0420.JPG

From the(1978) handbook: “The Frick Collection was founded by Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), the Pittsburgh coke and steel industrialist. At his death, Mr. Frick bequeathed his New York residence and the most outstanding of his many art works to establish a public gallery for the purpose of “encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts.” Chief among his bequests, which also included sculpture, drawings, prints, furniture, porcelains, enamels, rugs, and silver, were one hundred thirty-one paintings. Thirty-eight additional have been purchased over the years by the Trustees from an endowment provided by the founder.

“Mr. Frick grew up in the vicinity of Pittsburg. From an early age he was interested in art, and his acquisitions recorded ov er a span of forty years show a continuing development of knowledge and discernment. After initially concentrating on Salon pictures and works by the Barbizon school, he purchased his first old masters around the turn of the century. In the next decade he acquired many of the distinguished paintings that established the character of the Collection as it is seen today. ….”

The collection will amaze you.