Psssst: Jet Blue Is Really Better

Better at everything they do. The on flight toilets are immaculate (!!!)– as are the leather seats and aisles. The on board air feels fresh; there’s no fear of catching the flu… Plus they don’t serve the usual, stinky, horrible food–they don’t “do” food–instead they offer wrapped snacks– and everybody pitches in to make sure they leave the plane in the super-clean condition it was when they boarded.

As for boarding, no problem. No stress.

The ride to and from New York was great. and the landing perfect, no gripping the arm rests, no screechy sound of too much friction when the tires meet the runway. No white knuckles.

Neither Burt nor I enjoy flying–and would rather not–but they made a 6-hour flight as painless as possible.