Peter Adams writes…


dear june,
sure is fun checking in with your wonderful site. keep on keeping the coastal memories alive and kickin’.
just saw my name mentioned in a complementary context — thank you, fayden!
anyone remember orville, the ex-seal and appliance repairman? will never forget my arm wrestling match with him at the miramar beach inn….”

and in an earlier email, peter wrote:

it’s great seeing old friends on your site, the likes of richard english, richard henry, chad, fayden, ann bauer, chuck bodin, michael powers, charles nye, etc.. did you know cherie hooper, orville, michael and rocky mc clure, sharon miller, caroline wood, the band stagecoach, tom neel — all names from the miramar days when john, and i worked on the remodeling. had dinner on a visit up there a
few weeks ago and was astonished to see most of my glasswork still there…”