In Defense of Old Houses (And A Note of Sad News)

Got an email from Greg Faris* citing the current status of 639 Santiago in El Granada–an historic home listed in Barbara Vanderwerf’s** book, “Granada, A Synonym for Paradise”.


” …It [639 Santiago] is set to be demolished in November unless a new home can be found
before then. If you have any leads for a home, they would be most
The San Mateo Historic Resources Advisory Board (HRAB) would be
extremely interested in your inventory of the original El Granada
homes. I know Yvonne Bedor wanted to put together a photographic
inventory of the original homes at the request of the HRAB.
Greg Faris”

There has been some discussion of moving the home at 639 Santiago to Quarry Park. If you have any ideas or input, please email Greg Faris at [email protected].

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**Sad News: Via Greg Faris, I’ve learned that Barbara Vanderwerf’s beloved husband, Bill, passed away. We are sorry for your loss, Barbara.