I Hear From Photographer Jerry Koontz


Jerry Koontz

“…It’s a small world, I’m in Oroville Ca. Been here over 4 years.
That’s an old photo of me, my hair is not as bushy any more and my
beard is white….”

Winter Tree Internet 18.jpg“Winter Tree”-Photo by Jerry Koontz

“..Yes, I was lucky I’m the only house on my side of the block.
I’m in town, my neighbor is an old friend that I was in the navy with.
We have been good friends for over 40 years. Things are good up here.
It gets a little warm in the summer but thats OK . When I was a kid I
would spend my summers in hot country, so it’s not a problem.
I do come to HMB every now and then, Take care Jerry”

hello to jerry koontz!!!

peter adams , laguna beach