I Visit The Old Victorian: A Most Creative Miniature Shop

Marilyn H.JPG Marilyn Haupert

Stopped by to see Marilyn Haupert at the “Old Victorian Miniature Shop”, 799 Main Street, Half Moon Bay.

Marilyn’s been in the miniature business for eight years (before that she was a very successful realtor for 35 years)– and now she’s having a terrific sale– she’s going to close the store and kick back a little.

She’s an expert on miniatures and the store has a little bit of everything small (I bought a mermaid)–it’s heaven if you enjoy the smaller things in life like tiny upholestered gold & red striped couches and chairs, old-fashioned pinty-pint-sized claw-footed bathtubs, beautifully made itty bitty dolls…

There’s much to look at and enjoy and Marilyn is charming and knowledgable. She also told me that as a realtor she bought copies of my book, “Half Moon Bay Memories”, to give to clients as gifts…..

MermaidJPG.JPG Unusual in the shop of miniatures is this “large” mermaid.