I Hear From Maria Demarest, The Photographer

Maria with daughter Marika_2.jpgPhoto: Playing in the flower fields of Half Moon Bay, 1970s: Maria Demarest with daughter Marika.

Aloha June! It’s me…Maria. Just got back from the coast to photography Noel’s wedding (Pat and Juliet Powers’s daughter. Remember Little Marika – she’s still little. She’s going to school in Flagstaff and spent the summer with dear old dad Michael Powers. We ate peas until we were sick,kayaked and took enough photos to crash a computer. Promise,,,next time I’m back on the Mainland, I’ll give you a call. Most memorable breakfast was at Johnny’s with Pete Douglas and irwin Cohen – like no years had ever passed! Spent quite a bitof time there last winter as my brother (he used to live on California st. died – held a raucous memorial at the marine reserve. Hope things are well with you – I’m still living on Maui, though HMB will always be “home” – can’t say I misss the fog. Sawsome awesome pix of my grandmothers from way back when – they’re driving doewn the OLD coast highway, stading on the floorboards trying to navigate thru the fog on their way to the beach!

Give me a call or write – anytime



Maria,Pat.jpgPhoto at Miramar Beach, L-R: Me, Maria Demarest, John, Pat Powers, 1975, photo by Michael Powers