Waiting in the Jury Assembly Room

No……..I can’t talk about any cases…I’m just waiting in the Redwood City Jury Assembly Room.

I didn’t know ’til this morning that I had to drive from the Coastside to the courthouse–and I wasn’t looking forward to it–but I must praise (and highly praise), Sara, whose job it is to organize the jurors and tell them which papers to signed and exactly where– and who answers all questions efficiently and kindly.

BTW: There’s wi-fi in the room. I brought my computer and worked the entire time. There’s also several computers available to anyone who want to use them. (And for soap opera lovers–one of the tvs was switched to a “Guiding Light” type show…some of the potential jurors who had brought books to read became riveted, instead, to the unfolding script on the screen.

Update: I wasn’t chosen.