“Mad As Hell, Not Gonna Take It Anymore” Email: Montara Bob Strikes Again

Hello June,

Thanks for your invitation to vent off some of my Devil’s Slide steam.

You’re right. For now what the poor commuter needs is more information while he’s sitting in his car. That’s not so radical.

Here’s an idea that’s more radical: When they finally get Devil’s Slide patched up, how about closing it every year for the 8 weeks of the rainy season to avoid rockslides and other diasasters while they’re building their darling tunnels. Us commuter slobs at least can try to plan for those 8 weeks every year. No, they’re not gonna buy this one but maybe somebody could come up with a different slant on how to make the commuter’s life easier.

Are you the same June Morrall that wrote for the San Mateo County Times and Half Moon Bay Review? Put up your picture.

Montara Bob