Montara Bob Responds To The Shuttle Futtle: “Mad As Hell, Not Gonna Take It Anymore” Devil’s Slide Email

Hello June,

Thanks for running the SF Examiner piece on the shuttle bus.

I used to read the Examiner regularly but these days the only place I can get reliable information about Devil’s Slide is online, mostly from you.

Maybe I’m a bit dim but I don’t understand what this shuttle is supposed to do.

Does it run just north and south, on highway 1? I thought we already had buses that do that (the ones I see are always empty).

One thing’s for sure. May the Good Lord protect us from any organization that’s called the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance. It’s bound to cause more trouble than any good.

And who, in heaven’s name, ever heard of the Parking Company of America? Just what we needed– another entity sucking up taxpayer money.

Well, I hope these shuttles are well marked so at least we’ll know who these folks are that are making traffic even worse.

Why didn’t they just take the $160,000 and apply it to fixing the Slide? Maybe that would help get Devil’s Slide open an hour sooner.

Montara Bob