Where We Live: The Edge Of The Known World

You know, when you turn onto Hwy1 from 92, going north, and you pass through the light and then there’s the big green sign that tells you how far away El Granada, Montara, Pacifica and San Francisco is? Since the Slide has been closed–our sole north-south connection–Caltrans covered Pacifica and San Francisco with a jagged piece of brown cardboard paper. For Coastsiders, they don’t exist.

You can’t get to Pacifica or the City. Lovely Montara, founded as an “Artist’s Colony” is the last stop before the turnaround.

A few days ago I was so amused to see that a very creative “someone” had written in lovely print above Montara these words: “the edge of the known world”.

How right that clever someone is. Look for it.