Devil’s Slide Lives Up To Its Name In This B-Grade 1960 Flick

If you miss Devil’s Slide, and the estimated four-month repair time is just too long, you might want to rent the 1960 melodramatic film, “Portrait in Black” starring the beautiful Lana Turner, the darkly handsome Anthony Quinn and Sandra Dee, the cuddly ingenue of the moment.

Here’s the web’s description of the movie: The wife [Lana Turner] of an invalid shipping tycoon [Lloyd Nolan, a Stanford grad] is having an affair with his doctor [Anthony Quinn], and, together, they [Turner & Quinn] plot his [Nolan’s] murder, but getting away with it is no easy task. (Sandra Dee plays the daughter)

As the Coastside’s evil cliffy place, a perfect isolated place to cover-up the desperate lover’s crime, notorious Devil’s Slide carries off an appropriate scene in this B-grade flick–

Rent the movie to see what it’s all about.