Media Observations: American Idol

Do you think Simon Cowell was testing his power over public opinion or just going with the flow when he proclaimed the night before the official American Idol winner was announced, that it would be Taylor Hicks?

I wonder.

The hints of who the winner would be had been in the air before the usually tightly wound Cowell blurted out his pick. Both Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson had been early lovers of Hicks, chastising Cowell for not loving “the silver foxâ€?– and reminding the audience that most of the past winners had been women and it was time for a man to take center stage.

A majority of 63- plus million voters anointed Taylor Hicks the American Idol (more than the results of any presidential election, Ryan Seacrest, the host with the “smiley mouthâ€? face, reminded). But not only was Taylor a man– by rock-n-roll standards, with that head of silver gray hair, he qualifies as an old man.

Taylor Hicks’ performance the night he was pronounced the winner may have revealed his singing voice’s vulnerabilities, but the judges proved they’re not age-ist.