Coastside Gossip

Talk about this being a magical place–did you enjoy the remarkable sunset this evening? A golden orb that looked so close and 100 times normal size floated behind Pillar Point. I couldn’t look away; it was such a powerfully beautiful sight.

Now to other matters: Overheard at Sushi Main Street: The Two Fools restaurant on Main Street has closed its doors and Cafe Gibraltar will open a second restaurant there. Gibraltar will continue to run the restaurant in El Granada.

Also heard from a waiter who works at a Main Street restaurant in town, that Red Ginger, the new restaurant in northern El Granada, is very “hot”. Update Update Update: Feb 11, 2007: I have a question…Is Red Ginger still open? It doesn’t look open….Who will try next?

And two youngish women are opening a new kitchenwares shop in the Moonside Bakery building on Main Street in Half Moon Bay.

You can’t say I don’t keep you posted.