Thank you, Richard Schellen

Years ago, when I first started searching through old newspapers for stories on the Coastside, a helpful librarian steered me to the “amazing” Richard Schellen Collection.

I cannot praise Richard Schellen enough for the work that he left anyone interested in local history, or a specific event, such as when a building was built or burned.

Mr. Richard Schellen was once Redwood City’s head librarian, but I think of him as a librarian’s librarian.

This wonderful man organized and typed up thousands of stories– either in their entirety or the first few sentences, (you could always find the longer original) –and he organized these stories by date and town, in some cases going back to the mid-19th century and earlier.

In the Schellen Collection you can find political stories, business stories—murder stories….Perfectly organized by town and date. It’s a great resource.

I wish I could have met Richard Schellen to thank him personally. He gave us writers and historians and the folks of San Mateo County so much.

The Schellen Collection can be viewed at the main Redwood City library as well as the San Mateo County History Museum, located in Redwood City’s old courthouse.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the collection as much as I did.

A sample page from the Richard Schellen Collection–this sheet lists a few stories about Pescadero. Click to enlarge.