Do You Love Henri Matisse?

I do. And this new book is delicious, illustrated with lots of (in color) fabrics and textiles that inspired the great painter Matisse–and how he worked the fabrics into his art, the lusciously detailed paintings that cause you to linger and enjoy his visions. If you love Matisse, this book will make you swoon.

There isn’t just one author listed on the spine or the front of the book–in fact, there’s none. But inside it becomes clear that this was a collaborative effort by Kathleen Brunner and Ann Dumas, independent art historians, Jack Flam, Art History Professor at the Graduate School of NYU, Remi Labrusse, Contemporary Art History Professor, Universite de Picardie, Amiens, Hilary Spurling, Author of “The Unknown Matisse” and Dominique Szmusiak, Chief Curator of the Musee Matisse, Le Cateau-Cambresis.

I’m not one who favors collaborations, because they usually turn out to be an ugly mess. Many art experts worked on this new book about Matisse, his art and his textiles, and I must congratulate all of the authors because they have created a thing of beauty and I am grateful.