The Power of the Internet/I Hear from Roger

A post or two ago I wrote of a long ago assignment to “cover” Meryl Streep at the San Francisco Symphony.

The only physical memory I had of that “many moons ago” nightt was a picture taken by then famous San Francisco-based photographer Roger Ressmeyer. He took a picture of the two of us waiting for the actress to enter the room backstage at the symphony.

I had a lot of fun that night–and you can sense it from the Ressmeyer pix.

Midway through my “Me, Roger & Meryl” post, I asked the skies of the Internet, if Roger should read this, and he still had the Meryl Streep photos from that night, could he email them to me. And, of course I wanted to know where life had taken him. It had been more than 20 years.

Guess what! A friend has a”google alert” on Roger’s name and as soon as my post was up, Roger heard about it–and, attesting to the magic of the Internet, he got back to me (“As you requested, in your blog”, he emailed) and not only updated me on his incredible career–he sent me a “lightbox” of the Streep pix from

I’d forgotten who was with Ms.Streep–in the photos Roger sent I could see that with her was Leon Fleisher and Edo de Waart.

Much more fascinating was being able to catch-up with Roger Ressmeyer’s life. He has a new business at (pretty pretty cool) and his portfolio can be viewed at

Roger says, ” My complete collection through 1995 was acquired by Corbis in 1995 lock stock and barrel — they’re first major acquisition…. Three years working there, four years as a VP at Getty Images, and I’m back out running my own businesses out of Seattle.”

He and his wife have a six-year-old boy and recently adoped a two-year-old girl from China.

“Life is sweet,” Roger says.

To me, it’s almost unbelievable that my “Me, Roger & Meryl” post–and the hope that Roger Ressmeyer would see it–really happened. And it happened fast, within hours! All courtesy of the power of the Internet.

And thank you Roger!