Musical Interlude

I love all kinds of music, opera, classical, pop, folk, jazz, electronic, etc. but if you love rock and want to go back to your 60s roots, I highly recommend the Swedish group’s latest release, “dungen ta det lugnt”. I dont’ care that it’s sung in Swedish, I get it, and the Jimi Hendrixish electric and accoustic guitars make me want to be a rock ‘n roll star all over again.

This is music that changes from an almost symphonic construction to raging, terrific rock. Sometimes they have a wonderful Beatle-ish sound, very sweet, and then they can get very tough. Very classy.

Swedish rockers Dugen’s “ta det lugnt”

The end of the 4th track is just amazing. The whole work, which I see as a kind of “rock” opera because of the theme repetition brings back shades of many of the greats from the 60s, but, oh, so much better.