Doug St Denis’s House Is For Sale

Hey–don’t get the idea that I am a realtor.
Nope, I’m not.

But I can’t help but observe that lots of folks are putting their homes up for sale. All of a sudden. And some of them know it’s kind of late in the game; others believe they can still nab the big price tickets.

Yesterday at the El Granada Post Office–a great place to run into Coastsiders you haven’t seen for years–I met up with Doug, an old friend. He told me ,somewhat solemnly, that he had put his El Granada home up for sale–but he wasn’t going the traditonal route with a local realtor, he was partly doing it himself, using HelpUSell.

I wondered what Doug selling his home for. I remembered when he built it (he’s a contractor) some years ago.

Doug built his house some years ago:

$900,000, he said he wanted.

Aren’t the prices shocking? Apparently they’ve been dropping in the past few weeks–but a local realtor assured me, “It’ll come back.” Heard that one before? Then he added, “It’s a buyer’s market now and I’m glad”.