Mexican Land Grants, San Mateo County

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Mexican Land Grants
San Mateo County

Grant Number Name Patentee Patent Date Acres
150 Buri Buri Sanchez 10/17/1872 14,639.19
191 Butano Rodriquez 04/30/1866 4,439.67
151 Canada de Guadalupe la Visitacion y Rodeo Viejo Payson 12/15/1865 5,473.47
152 Canada de Guadalupe y Rodeo Viejo Pierce 09/22/1865 942.93
168 Canada de Raymundo Greer &Coppinger 07/18/1859 12,545.10
170 Canada de Verede y Arroyo de la Purisima Alviso 12/15/1865 8,905.58
551 Canada del Corte de Madera Thurn & Carpentier 06/13/1882 3,565.91
165 Corral de Tierra Palomares 04/07/1866 7,766.35
166 Corral de Tierra Vasquez 01/06/1873 4,436.18
173 El Corte de Madera Martinez 06/19/1858 13,316.05
153 Rincon de las Salinas y Potreo Viejo Bernal 12/31/1857 4,446.40
154 San Miguel Noe 03/30/1857 4,443.38
167 Feliz Feliz 06/21/1873 4,448.27
163 (map) Laguna de la Merced Haro 09/10/1872 2,219.33
169 Arroyo de los Pilarcitos or Miramontes Miramontes 07/21/1882 4,424.12
148 Pulgas Arguello 10/02/1857 35,240.47
205 Punta de Ano Nuevo Castro 12/.3/1857 17,753.15
190 San Antonio or Pescadero Gonzalez 06/07/1866 3,282.32
174 San Francisquito Rodriguez 06/08/1868 1,471
172 San Gregorio Castro 02/19/1861 4,439.31
171 San Gregorio Rodriguez 02/19/1861 13,344.15
149 San Mateo Howard 11/18/1857 6,438.80
164 San Pedro Sanchez 11/08/1870 8,926.46
551 Canada del Corte de Madera Thurn & Carpentier 06/13/1882 3,565.91

Recognize Anyone? They’re the members of the Half Moon Bay Young Democrats Club, 1883

Members of the Young Democrats Club pose for the camera in October 1883 in Half Moon Bay.

Left to Right: (top row) Patricio Silva, John Murray Frank Vasquez, Joe Gonzales “Crooked Neck” George and John H. Pitcher.
Middle Row: George Burston, Adolphe Pitcher, Ed Mullen, Archie McGinty, George Wyman.
Bottom Row: Ben Zaballa, Peter Zaballa, Richard Campbell, Charles Bowman, Peter Burke.

Brad Remembers the Coastside…

Here’s an excerpt from Brad’s email:

“I love the Coastside and truly hoped to and planned on living there one day.  In my youth I spent more time between Montara and Bean Hollow than I did on the Peninsula.  I must have ridden my old Triumph motorcycle over the hill to Princeton a hundred times to blow off some adolescent steam and get a hot dog at (was it Ortiz’) crab shack?  Later I took a year off from Stanford and drove a Coke truck out of Burlingame and delivered to everyplace that sold Coca-Cola from Devil’s Slide to Pescadero.  Just coming over the hill every day was a treat.  You are fortunate to call that place home.”

You weren’t at the Bay Book booksigning? Here’s what Pam says:

Dear June,

Thank you so much for the fun we all had on Friday night. What a beautiful launching for your book, with a full cast of characters in attendance. I loved visiting with some of the locals and may talk a friend into a trip over the hill for a Bach Music and Dynamite Society evening. Pete [Douglas] was a delight to chat with and George [Resch] has added even more stories about the place.

I also wanted to share that I gave your book to a friend as a Christmas present. What I didn’t know was that Miramar, Princeton by the Sea  and Half Moon Bay were a weekly visit for her and her husband. He passed over 15 years ago at about age 55 and she has fond memories of their trips. When she saw your book, she got very excited. She loved the pictures and after quick glances at the stories, told me she can hardly wait to read the whole book. I have already read it cover to cover and know she will enjoy it. You are making a number of people truly happy walking down memory lane.

Have a Happy Holidays. Pam


Thank You Coastsiders: What I’ve Learned Since The Booksigning Friday Nite..

Today, I ran into an old friend, an El Granadian, excited about the “Princeton-by-the-Sea” book. She said: “Did you know about Joe Romeo’s bus?”

June: No. But the Romeos are in the book.

El Granada Friend: Well, Joe used to have a bus pick up the ladies that worked at his cannery. My mother worked there.”


From a second El Granada friend, I learned that Henry Doelger gave up on his big development plans for the Coastside, including the Polynesian Village at Princeton-by-the-Sea, when his brother decided against the project.


Another resident recalls Henry Doelger as a young man walking his poodle dog in Moss Beach.