On Quarry Park

Quarry Park, so lovingly developed by El Granadians, was an “experiment” that could not fail. 

(The “experiment” part refers to a group of local citizens taking care of the beautiful park.
Quarry Park demonstrates what good citizens can accomplish when they set their collective to a project.)

As with most enterprises, in the beginning there must have been a group of enthusiastic workers who dwindled down in number as the months passed.–leaving a few, hardcore, dedicated people. I think of them as “invisible” people because they are the kind of folks who do things that nobody knows they are doing but it’s for all of us, for the community as extended family.

I was at the park today with Burt; the kids were in the swings, watched by their doting mothers and it was just a lovely (foggy) day. Burt asked: “Who’s responsible for all of this?”

I said, “I don’t know who they are but they deserve a lot of thanks How much love does that take?”

Today I learned that the operation of Quarry Park has been turned over to the County of San Mateo. Make sure you visit the park, take the whole family, and continue to enjoy it, but remember it was a small group of terrific locals who are responsible for it.