“Hold on tight to your dreams”: Devil’s Slide Tunnel Cries Out For Music & Video

Really, do you want to drive through a long, boring, tunnel with nothing to see on the blanko walls? No stimulation? We, in the 21st century, are a strong visual culture.

I have said this before, we need art and video on the walls of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel.

MOVING images, perhaps of the Coastside’s “wonders” to come. The flowers, the beaches, the cliffs.

Who would sponsor it? How about Hewlett-Packard, Intel, etc., the “trusts” that have been buying up Coastside land, to save it from spiralling growth. With so many creative people on the Coastside, we can do it.

And I have found hope in the “Tunnel” commercial by Honda

Just what I imagine for the interior of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel—giant sunflowers on the walls, deer leaping about the walls, sunshine and the great Pacific Ocean. There’s music too: Hold On Tight by the Electric Light Orchestra.

Please check out the “Tunnel” commercial here