An Artist Visits Miramar in the 1970s

In the late 1970s many artists turned up in Miramar to meet Coastside photographer Michael Powers and the geodesic dome he built and furnished in his own special style.

One of them was the artist Bridge Beardslee, who, in 1978, was having an exhibition of his sculpture, drawings and paintings in a Vancouver, British Columbia gallery.

This was Bridge Beardslee’s calling card:

Cool Garbo Stamps

The other day I went to the El Granada Post Office to buy some stamps,and Judy, the friendly clerk in this small town, rifled through the stamp drawer and offered me these:

Not Mainstream Clothes

If you want to see how conventionally we Californians dress, and if you are looking for crazy wild creativity in clothes, check this book out, it’s a knockout, even if it’s mostly kids wearing them. So much fun to flip through the pages. Put some color, and maybe a pair of zonky socks in your life! You could always wear them around the house.

Eye Chart w/Furniture

When I worked as the public information manager for Prevent Blindness in San Francisco, one of my projects was to design the annual report. One year I came up with the idea of using the Eye Chart as a piece of art and posing it with other cool furniture. In the end it wasn’t used, but I have always loved the picture and here it is:
< photo by Judy Howard.