More New York City

A few street scenes:

Who are these military guys? DSCN0355.JPG
DSCN04122.JPGThis lady was being filmed for what looked like a movie.

Seen in the window of Wildenstein’s Gallery on 64th near Madison:

Photographer Lynn McCloskey Shows Us The Incredible “Bowling Ball Beach”

Lynn_2.jpgPhoto: Lynn Kalajian McCloskey.

Lynn: “[Bowling Ball Beach] is about two to three miles north of the town of Gualala [on the Sonoma County Coast]. It was taken during a +1 tide. Unfortunately we missed the minus tide”

Bowling Ball Beach.jpg

I’ve known Lynn since we attended Jefferson Elementary School in San Francisco–Here’s 3rd Grade:

grammarschool.jpg You can find Lynn in the second row,second from the right. I am in the second row, fourth from the right.

Bill Miramontes Interview (1980) Part IV Conclusion

These are unaired excerpts from a 1980 interview I did with Bill Miramontes for the documentary “The Mystery of Half Moon Bay”

WmMiramontes.jpgWilliam Miramontes


Carmen Miramontes & Chico Gonzales celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Half Moon Bay.*

Bill: Carmen Miramontes was known as a midwife–or a doctor–in Half Moon Bay. When she married Chico Gonzales they went on horseback on a trail to Mission Dolores. They were married at Mission Dolores in San Francisco.

Bill: I used to haul peas and grain and hay to San Mateo. We’d leave at 4 in the morning and we’d get to San Mateo about 11 with a load. A whole day and all we could pull over the mountain…One ton per horse. You
had six horses, could only haul six tons. Which wasn’t very much as a paying proposition.

Bill: It’d take a whole day in the old days if you wanted to go to San Mateo. If you wanted to go to San Francisco, you’d have to figure on almost two days.

Bill: They’d drive their horse & buggy to San Mateo. Take the streetcar to San Francisco. When the car came that really helped this city.

Bill: I know what Half Moon Bay will become–it’ll be a residential district.


(The cover illustration is of Half Moon Bay)

Bill: I worked for Standard Oil [in Half Moon Bay] for 53 years. There was just enough oil in the ground to encourage people to drill for more. They’ve been drilling here since before I was born…We drilled a well on Shoults Flat. It flowed for three, four days over the top. A very light quality of oil, like distillate…just a little pocket of oil.

Photo: San Mateo County History Museum. Visit the Museum and the new exhibits at the historic, beautiful Redwood City Courthouse.

When I Worked At Time Magazine,

one of my pleasant tasks was to hire photographers–One of them was the incomparable San Francisco photographer Ed Kashi. Here is a pix of Andy Warhol that he gave me:


Ed Kashi also photographed an old friend, Olivia Stewart, the personality-plus woman I temporarily replaced at Time when she was pregnant in the mid 1980s.

Photo: at right:Olivia.jpg

I Hear From Photographer Jerry Koontz


Jerry Koontz

“…It’s a small world, I’m in Oroville Ca. Been here over 4 years.
That’s an old photo of me, my hair is not as bushy any more and my
beard is white….”

Winter Tree Internet 18.jpg“Winter Tree”-Photo by Jerry Koontz

“..Yes, I was lucky I’m the only house on my side of the block.
I’m in town, my neighbor is an old friend that I was in the navy with.
We have been good friends for over 40 years. Things are good up here.
It gets a little warm in the summer but thats OK . When I was a kid I
would spend my summers in hot country, so it’s not a problem.
I do come to HMB every now and then, Take care Jerry”

hello to jerry koontz!!!

peter adams , laguna beach

Bellvale Was A Teeny Tiny “Town” Four Miles West Of La Honda

And in the late 19th century the local kids walked through the giant redwoods to attend school there.

The town’s gone now but here’s what the very rustic post office looked like:


During the warm summers the kids played in the old swimming hole–but I must admit the water can’t be that comfortable because it looks like at least one of the kids is freezing!


Once–The Most Recognizeable Backside in San Gregorio/Pescadero


And I can’t remember her name–was it Mrs. Bell? She could be seen everywhere–here she is at the “Worm Ranch”, in the 1970s, waiting for the local band, “Full Faith & Credit”, to begin their pop concert.

In San Gregorio, in the 1970s, the members of the band, “Full Faith & Credit”, featuring singer Michael Schwab. Michael lived at the worm farm.

Full Faith.jpg

Two guests at the concert: (At left) former El Granada contractor Doug St. DenisĀ  with unidentifed man.Guests.jpgsg.jpg

hello to jerry koontz!!!

peter adams , laguna beach

At The Temple of Apple in New York City

Across the way from the Plaza Hotel (which, by the way, is closed and being converted into condos or apartments–no more Oak Room for those of you who remember it) we marveled at what I call “The Temple of Apple”.

(A friend who lives in Manhattan told us that the Apple people had the toughest time getting their architectural plans passed for this ultra-super tourist store).

A street-level “elevator” takes customers down to the Ninth Wonder of the World that this Apple Store is: appleJPG.JPG

apple.JPGLooking down through the elevator.

Note: Gotta go–when I return I have more fun pix to upload. Meet me back here.

Back to New York: An Anti-War Protest

Before the exciting encounter with the UN entourage in Midtown Manhattan (see post below) there was an unusual anti-war protest taking place on Fifth Avenue, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Protestors stood silently, each one holding a sheet of paper with the name, age, and home town of a fallen soldier.


Reporters rushing to cover the story